So this started as a dream which was thought as an impossible journey. Now we are very close to begin this journey to bring you luxury, classy and elegant timepieces

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For the past few months after I graduated and finished my course islamic theology science, I started to pursue a passion that I had for many years.

It was to start my own watch brand.


At first I thought it was impossible as I would need a ton of money and I would need to go and travel to manufactures in different countries to make deals with them, design them, test the samples etc. However after doing some research and speaking to some friends , who once where my suppliers for other products I used to sell. I was able to get in contact with some manufacturers who have over 60 years of experience in watchmaking and branding.


This was a dream come true! There was no need to travel around the world, where I don’t know who to trust , I don’t know their language, their culture or anything. Also low in cash so this saved me from many hurdles.

Finally I arranged a meeting over WhatsApp video call with the head of branding and sales of the manufacture. I had many questions and problems which was easily and confidently answered. After 2-3 weeks of constant conversing with them, I started to trust the company so I designed, designed and designed.


Long story short,

we finally had our first sample in production. The excitement wasn’t bearable, so I started to tell some family members and some close friends for their feedback on the design and name of the brand. I received amazing feedback however there was a common problem that everyone disliked. At first my ego was sky high but after getting the feedback I realised my fault. So I spoke to my manufacturer again to change few things, unfortunately I was unable to change it as it was too late in to the production stages.

The next option for me was either, purchase the bulk order with the changes or place another sample order with the changes. I choose the 2nd option which also meant another 2 month of waiting and extra cost .

In the meantime,Β  I was working on strategies, gaining knowledge of marketing , designing websites, photography and also the legal things.

The items arrived and I got to work straight away as a had a goal to reach and now we are here.


I started Suave Timepieces to give you simple , luxury quality timepieces at an affordable price.

I am nearly complete with this passion of mine however , the only thing missing is your support.

πŸ’–All your support is much appreciated and know that you will always be in our prayers.

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Our success is your success. This is more then just a brand , it is a resource for many goodness. πŸ’•